Who We Are


Kannabis Kings are a group of OG West Coast growers and East Coast brand managers. With over 20 years of experience cultivating and breeding premium craft cannabis, Kannabis Kings are ready to introduce our brand to the world.


Growing premium cannabis is only part of the story. We understand that to most cannabis consumers, the herb is a part of their life. It is a part of us and helps us connect to the world around us. We have launched Kannabis Kings apparel as a way for our customers to display their connection to and affinity for the cannabis community at large.




Partners in Legalization

Kannabis Kings is proud to support The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the leading organization fighting to end cannabis prohibition in the United States. For 25 years MPP has been at the forefront of replacing failed cannabis laws with humane and sensible policies that ensure safe access for medical and adult-use.

As a proven force for positive change, MPP has been directly involved in the overwhelming majority of successful reform efforts across the country, from ballot initiative campaigns to sustained lobbying efforts in state legislatures across the country. We’re excited to partner with MPP to offer a way for supporters like you to help end cannabis prohibition.

By purchasing a commemorative MPP 25th Anniversary T-shirt, you can directly support MPP’s ongoing fight to change laws and change lives nationwide.